The designer/founder of eurodesk-z is Jesse J. McClear. Born and raised in the Metro Detroit area, Jesse has always loved creating things and offering them to the world. He began by drawing his own comics as a teenager, and selling them, Xerox-copied, on street corners for 50 cents each. At 18 he exhibited his clay sculptures at The Detroit Artist Market. In 1990, Jesse got into electronic music production. He recorded his first album and released it on his own label in ‘95. He formed a group (Heavy Water Factory) and signed with New York’s Energy Records. HWF toured the mid-west of the US, and released three more albums.

In 2003 McClear took on a full time career as a graphic artist where he eventually transitioned into video editing and motion design. He worked with clients such as Chrysler Motor Company, Dodge Motorsports, Mopar, and The Dow Chemical Company. At the same time, Jesse began pursuing photography. In 2010 Canon, with film director Ron Howard and James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem), chose McClear's photo Vigor Divided as inspiration for the story of Murphy’s short film "Little Duck." McClear was invited to the premiere of the film in New York, at a red carpet event at Lincoln Center.

By 2013 Jesse continued his musical career by releasing three new albums, thirteen EPs, and eight singles between three separate projects (HWF, Multiples, and under his name Jesse James McClear). It was in 2014 that he discovered modular synthesis. For McClear, it was a game changer. "Eurorack was something I hadn't experienced before. Being free from the concerns of backing up patches, and solely focusing on the experimentation of sound... it's pure joy."

Eurodesk-z came from necessity: Creating products that solve real issues, and helping you stay focused on the creative process.


Links to Jesse's other projects (music, art, and photography). 


Music Projects

Jesse James McClear - Electronic music project (Spotify).

Heavy Water Factory - Industrial music project (Spotify).

Multiples - Techno music project (Spotify).


Soundcloud - A variety of electronic music tracks.


Art & Photos

Redbubble - Art and photography.


Social Media

Instagram - Personal Instagram page. 

Patreon - Fan support page.