Eurodesk-Z, LLC. is owned and operated by (artist and music producer) Jesse James McClear.

In 1990, Jesse began his journey as an electronic musician. He recorded his first album and self-released it (on his own label) in ‘95. He formed a group (Heavy Water Factory) and signed with New York’s Energy Records. HWF toured the mid-west of the US, touring/performing with the likes of The Sisters of Mercy.

In 2003 McClear took on a full time career as a graphic artist, where he eventually transitioned into video editing, motion design, and photography. This led to his 3D modeling experience, which would eventually be used in the development process of Eurodesk-Z's product designs, etc.

In 2013... Jesse decided to once again visit his music interests. Releasing three new albums, thirteen EPs, and eight singles between three separate music projects (HWF, Multiples, and as Jesse James McClear). It was during this time  he discovered eurorack modular synthesis. For McClear, it was a game changer. "Eurorack was the most fun I had had with synthesizers, since first getting into it 25 years ago."

Eurodesk-z, LLC. was born out of necessity: Creating products to help streamline the creative process.

Links to Jesse's other projects (music, art, and photography).  

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Jesse James McClear - Electronic music project (Spotify).

Multiples - Techno music project (Spotify).

Instagram - Jesse's Instagram page.