Hex-01 eurorack modular synth patch cable hanger. Made for storage and organization


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The HEX-01 is a professional eurorack cable hanger created with advanced modular synth users in mind. We not only believe in this product due to it's appearance, but because it also holds far more than most eurorack cable hangers available today. The patented design can hold over 360 (stackable Tiptop Audio) 3.5mm patch cables, or 440 PGH Nazca Audio Noodles.

Actual cable capacity will vary, depending on your cable brand end housing's.

This hexagon-shaped cable hanger measures roughly 12 inches across and fits on a 5/8 inch mic stand (stand/hardware not included). A weighted base is highly recommended. Additional mounting hardware not included (hangers are not threaded).

  • 48 slots to holds hundres of eurorack cables
  • Fits 3.5mm cables, and TTS Bantam cables
  • 14 gauge laser cut steel with an attractive textured black powder-coat
  • 6 additional laser cut holes for tool storage, MIDI cables, or lollipops