Troubles here in Michigan

Hey guys,

Hope everyone is doing okay. Well... we’ve had some additional setbacks... In addition to all our recent global issues... We’ve been experiencing some pretty heavy rainfalls (here in Michigan), which led to a dam collapse in Midland. Many streets were inaccessible, lots of homes and business received major flooding.

Then last week, we were hit with more storms which caused some power outages. Both manufacturing plants lost power. All of these events set fulfillment back a couple weeks. The good news is... after a seven hour round trip, everyone’s parts are now back here in Midland. And I will be fulfilling all orders, over the next few days.

It’s also worth mentioning that I am in the process of relocating to Grand Rapids, MI. (where these parts are manufactured), to save time and delivery costs.

Thank you for your patience during all this craziness. Your parts will be shipping out very soon! Be well!

Kind Regards,


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