Deskstarz Update 03-18-20

Hey, guys!

Just wanted to give an update on the first run of Deskstarz. They are currently being powder coated. The neoprene apparently cannot be laser cut, as it gives off a rather unpleasant oder when burning rubber. lol Duh! So we'll be switching to the die-cut approach, instead. I am currently waiting on price estimates from three different vendors, for that service.

Eurodesk-z DeskStarz are height adjustable music equipment stand. For professional music producers and home recording studios using desktop music equipment. Such as synth modules, drum machines, groove boxes, effects pedals, and more.

And of course with the COVID‑19 situation going on... things have slowed down considerably. I'm still hoping to have everything ready by the end of this month (March). I will keep you posted.

Hoping everyone stays healthy!




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