• Thanks Andrew!

    Wanted to say thank you, to Andrew Huang! For the #eurodeskz #HEX01 shout-out, in his latest #eurorack #modularsynth video! CHECK IT OUT!!
  • Binz Concept

    This would be a (tupperware-style) portable cable organizer, intended for the traveling modular synth fan. This is a first pass at the design, so I...
  • Deskstarz Designs

    This would be an adjustable desktop support thingy. Intended for larger effects pedals, smaller drum machines, synth modules, groove boxes, etc, e...
  • KLAUZ1e box labels

    Just received the KLAUZ1e retail box labels, today. Pretty happy with how they turned out. What do you guys think?
  • HEX-25's now in stock!

    Just got in a batch of new HEX-25's in. They're waiting to find a good home. Please adopt one today! :)
  • KLAUZ1e's shipping soon!

    I picked up over a hundred hangers, yesterday. I'll be shipping out everyone's orders, early in the week. Hang in there! ;)  
  • New HEX-25's inbound

    I switched to a new fabrication shop, last week... there have been a lot of speed bumps along the way, recently. Everything should be running smoot...